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The Nitty Gritty

The Son of Kong is a one-pedal volume and tone-bending powerhouse. With 20 dB of  available gain in the EQ section, the Son of Kong lends itself to being dynamically overdriven. The amount of distortion is going to be determined by the amount of signal coming in from your instrument. DI (Low Gain) mode will provide more headroom, while +20 (Hi Gain) mode will distort more quickly. Hot output pickups are naturally going to distort quicker than passive ones.

Start with a fairly broad Q and the frequency towards the low end. Now  bring up the EQ gain until you start to hear distortion. Feel free to take it all the way up for a more satisfying fuzz or back it off for just a hint of hair. In this way, the Son of Kong can be overdriven in a dynamic and touch sensitive way that only the most revered amps are capable of.

Now take the gain all the way up, narrow your Q a bit, and sweep the frequencies to “tune” your distortion to taste.


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